Training workshop

In the Jungle of networking

Duration: 180 minutes

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“Deep inside yourself, you know that. It is not enough to run after lunches and the “5 to 7” ones, nor to talk nicely or to collect business cards in the view to move forward in the business world and in life! A discipline is necessary to build lasting, friendly and win-win relationships. One should make every effort and make networking a lifestyle. Yes, efforts and a little courage should be put in the beginning, but the performance is guaranteed! How? […]

For some, networking is a way to earn and gain thanks to the new acquaintances, whereas for some others, it allows you to exchange mutual concerns with other businesspersons. The most pragmatic ones will say that networking is a chance to expand their own circle of contacts and to be socialized while bearing in mind the business objectives. The most timid ones, whose employers would like to see coming out of their shell, see in it a sort of obligation to put into practice different workshops and conferences on the subject. The most competitive ones participate in professional activities to get compared and discover challenges. The most seller-oriented ones use it to introduce their products and services. The most altruist ones go to that meeting to help people by seeing it as a way to help them and listen to their needs.”

From the “In the Jungle of Networking”, Réjean Gauthier, author.

Training Workshop Objective

In the Jungle of Networking” training workshop is firstly aiming to introduce networking in a different aspect. The concept is mainly based on practical measures which make you develop well-founded and enriching relations in a professional and personal frame.

Réjean Gauthier, the author and trainer, is also the designer of the RG Scale. A tool which allows evaluating the proximity degree that a person has with all the players that make up his/her network. It is exclusive – along with other “hints-smiles”, it will allow to all participants to develop a part of their relations until they become profitable.

The workshop-oriented training lasts half a day and consists of various interactions between the participants and the trainer. Apart from focusing in an inspiring group synergy, the application of transmitted notions will allow anyone to obtain tangible results right away from the next networking activity.


  • Opening welcome
  • Introduction th the workshop’s plan and objective
  • Definition of “In the Jungle of Networking” concept

Part 1 How to be effectively introduced

  • Master the opening discussion of a presentation in front of a group in order to rapidly attract the auditor’s attention and make a good first impression.

Part 2 Proximity with others

  • RG Scale introduction which allows participants to better evaluate the degree of proximity thy have with other players that make up their network in order to build solid relationships.
  • Strategies by the rapprochement principles

Networking pause

Part 3 Networking activities

  • Ensure an active and profitable presence at different networking activities

Part 4 Discussion in two

  • Master the opening discourse of an introduction in front of a person in order to rapidly attract his attention and start appropriately the conversation.
  • Understand the various steps of a discussion in two.
  • Understand the importance of an attentive listening, questioning and closing a conversation.


  • Questions and comments
  • Suggested and referred speakers
  • Follow-up plan of “In the Jungle of Networking” workshop